Adoption Records

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Adoption records comprise adoptees’ information, including the procedure of the adoption, their biological family history, and birth information. It may be more difficult to obtain records of adoptees because many states do not consider them to be open records and limit gnarl access to them. However, the laws concerning adoption records in Oregon make it easier to find Deschutes County adoption records. For instance, Oregon was one of the first states in the U.S to provide unsealed birth certificates of adoptees, improving access to such records. 

Deschutes County adoption records are in the custody of the Department of Human Services. The department has an Adoption Search and Registry Program that distributes adoption records in Oregon. The type of adoption information you can obtain from the registry depends on your eligibility to access certain information. 

The Mutual Consent Registry contains identifying information on adoptees. This kind of information is personal to adoptees and discloses some sensitive details used to recognize them. You can use the mutual consent registry to find an adoptee or persons involved in the adoption process, like a family member. 

The adoptee and the person looking to get adoption information must register before the agency distributes the information. Upon successful registration, the agency will confirm if both parties are willing to establish a connection and consent to the release of information. Requirements you will need to apply for the registration process include: 

  • A copy of your birth certificate.
  • An affidavit form.
  • A $25 fee must be paid to the agency via check or money order.

Registrants can also deregister by requesting to get their names off the registry. Individuals that are eligible to register to include:

  • An adoptee who is not a minor.
  • An adopter or the legal guardian of a juvenile adoptee.
  • The adopter of a decedent adoptee.
  • The biological parent of the adoptee.
  • An adoptee’s biological sibling (aged 18 or older).
  • The alleged father of the adoptee.
  • An adult sibling of the biological parent of an adoptee. 
  • The biological grandparents of the adoptee, upon the demise of the biological parents. 
  • A parent or custodian of the juvenile biological sibling of an adoptee.

Identifying information can include the names of the adoptee and their birth parents, state of birth, pre-adoption birth certificate, and birth date. 

If you are qualified, non-identifying information from the registry is produced upon request. Such information includes health and social information of parties to the adoption, race, and ethnicity of the adoptee’s genetic parent, and biological siblings. The following persons qualify to get non-identifying information:

  • The genetic parent of an adoptee.
  • The adopter of a juvenile adoptee.
  • An individual with legal custody over a minor adoptee.
  • A spouse of a deceased adoptee who has genetically or legally had a child with the adoptee.
  • An adoptee identified as an adult.
  • Any adult child of a decedent adoptee.

The agency requires qualified requestors to submit a completed copy of the affidavit form, birth certificate, an identity card, and a fee of $45. 

An adult adoptee, an adopter responsible for a minor adoptee or that of a decedent adoptee can use the Assisted Search Program to find information on relatives of the adoptee. Using the program, certain biological relatives of an adult adoptee can reconnect with them. 

Typically, the registry contacts the individual and informs them that the requestor wishes to connect with them. If the individual accepts the request, both parties must register their information and complete the necessary forms. If the individual does not wish to connect with the locating party, the search file will be closed. Interested persons can get started by completing the application form, the affidavit form, and paying a $400 fee. 

Inquiries can be made to:

Adoption Search and Registry Program

Phone: (503) 945-6643 

[email protected] 

Getting Pre Adoption Birth Certificates

The Oregon Center for Health Statistics can provide you with pre adoption birth certificates for Deschutes County. It is only available to the adoptee or their legal representative. The adoptee must give the legal representative express consent in writing to obtain the certificate. The adoptee must be a citizen of Oregon by birth and must be at least 21 years old at the time of the request.

Eligible adoptees can take the Preadoption Birth Record Order Form online and complete it with the necessary details. The applicant must append a signature and add a copy of a valid ID card (driver’s license, DMV card). The application should include a return address and phone contact that the center can contact you. Legal representatives must attach a certified note of permission from the adoptee. Applicants must also pay a fee of $30. 

Applications are preferably submitted using mail. More charges may occur for other modes of submission such as at the office location or over the phone. It may take an average of six to eight weeks to process the application. However, sealed birth records may require more time to process. Send your application to:

Oregon Vital Records

PO Box 14050

Portland OR 97293-0050

Getting Adoption Records From the Court

Per the Oregon Laws, the state allows interested persons to obtain adoption records from the court where the proceedings were decided. Adoption hearings in Deschutes County occur at the county courthouse. Eligible requesters can search for adoption information generated during the hearing. 

You can go to the courthouse and find the records at the custodian’s office. Visits to the courthouse must occur on weekdays, during business hours (between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.). You may also put down your request in writing and mail it to the court. 

Deschutes County Courthouse

1100 North West Bond Street

Bend, Oregon 97703

Phone: (541) 388-5300

You can address a request via mail to the court in this manner:

Deschutes County Circuit Court

1100 North West Bond Street

Bend, OR 97703

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