Drunk driving is no joke in Deschutes County and the State of Oregon. Engaging in drunk driving can get you seriously penalized with a long-term impact. Oregon officially describes drunk driving as driving under the

In 2020, the Oregon Department of Justice issued fifteen statements specifically addressing various phone scams in Oregon, from grandparent scams to charity scams.  Several government agencies issued similar statements, all addressing specific ways scammers impersonate

Performing family searches in Deschutes County can help discover more about your family tree and stories about past family members. Many people consider their ancestry important and use different resources to dig up information that

Birth records

Birth records contain information that tells the circumstances of an individual’s birth, such as their name at birth, name of parent, date of birth, and location they were delivered as a baby. It is a

Adoption Records

Adoption records comprise adoptees’ information, including the procedure of the adoption, their biological family history, and birth information. It may be more difficult to obtain records of adoptees because many states do not consider them