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Certificate, issuance fee$1.00
Objecting party, first appearance$65.00
Party filing petition, first appearance$85.00
Trial or hearing fee$35.00
Civil case, infraction or violation appeal from justice or municipal court:
Petitioner, moving party$167.00
Child Support: Appeal from administrative action (see Paternity)
License suspension for refusal or failure of breath test appeal from DMV:
State Crime Appeal from Justice or Municipal Court:
Trial de Novo $150.00
International Commercial Arbitration and Conciliation Act:
Application to set aside an arbitration award$84.00
Appearance in opposition$65.00
Outside Arbitration:
Appearance in opposition to exceptions to arbitration award$65.00
Filing arbitration award with court$35.00
Filing exceptions to arbitration award$84.00
Filing and making entry of assignment of filed, but unrecorded, document$5.00
Supplying official certificate$5.00
Change of Name/Change of Sex:
Applicants first appearance$84.00
Objecting party’s first appearance fee$65.00
Trial / hearing fee$35.00
Child Custody:
Motion or petition for order of assistance$.00
Child-Parent Relationship:
Petition by person with emotional ties to child under ORS 109.119 (see Plaintiff)
Motion to intervene under ORS 109.119 (see Defendant or Plaintiff)
Confession of Judgment:
Plaintiff (see Plaintiff) 
For each check returned for insufficient funds or account closed $25.00
For judgment submitted for collection to DOR or private collection agency – actual cost  
Audio recordings – tape and digital (compact disc)$10.00
Certified copy of letters testamentary, or administration, of conservatorship and of guardianship$5.00
Copies of records or files (per page)$.25
Each official certification$5.00
Defendant – Third Party Defendant:
Filing or appearance$135.00
Claim of $10,000 or less$91.00
Domestic Relations:
Annulment or Separation:
Petitioner, moving party$249.00
Petitioner, moving party$250.00
Motion to Modify Decree if motion filed more than 1 year after original decree signed:
Moving party motion more than 1 year from entry of decree$145.00
Response to motion$100.00
Petition to Determine Custody or Support of Child:
Petitioner, moving party (parent)$249.00
DUII Diversion:
Fee for filing petition (includes Unitary Assessment)$332.00
Filing petition to extend diversion period$.00
Emancipation of Juvenile:
Filing fee for application$131.00
For issuing writ$4.00
Per exemplification$10.00
FED – Commercial (see Plaintiff or Defendant) 
FED – Residential Or Return Of Personal Property: 
Defendant, appearing without demanding trial$.00
Defendant, demanding trial$83.00
Issuing notice of restitution$3.00
Issuing writ of execution of judgment$4.00
Plaintiff filing gee$50.00
Plaintiff additional fees after defendant demands trial$50.00
Firearm Proceedings:
Petition for relief from bar to purchase or possess a firearm under ORS 166.274 (see Plaintiff)
Petition for relief from denial, revocation or non-renewal of concealed handgun license under ORS 166.293 (see Plaintiff)
Foreign Judgment:
Filing/docketing copy of foreign judgment & affidavit under ORS 24.115 and 24.115$35.00
Filing and docketing copy of foreign custody decree under ORS 109.850 (Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act)$35.00
For issuing writ$4.00
Petition to intervene under ORS 109.119 (see Plaintiff)
Motion to intervene under ORS 109.119 (see Defendant or Plaintiff)
Visitation rights petition under ORS 109.121 (see Plaintiff)
Habeas Corpus:
Filing petition for writ of habeas corpus$25.00
Hearing Fees:
Reported hearings only in other than a protective proceeding under ORS Chapter 125 or a probate, adoption, or change of name:
3 hours or less$30.00
More than 3 hours$70.00
Filing satisfaction of judgment$.00
Filing and docketing transcript of judgment$6.00
Making and issuing transcript of judgment$6.00
Motion to satisfy under ORS 18.410$.00
Preparing clerk’s certificate of satisfaction$5.00
Stipulated Judgment (see Confession of Judgment)
Judgment Debtor Exam:
Proceedings in court of original judgment$.00
Proceedings in court other than court of original judgment under ORS 23.710$4.00
Marijuana Diversion Agreement: 
Fee for filing petition$212.00
Certification to circuit court under ORS 416.430$.00
File filiation petition under ORS 109.125$249.00
Answer filiation petition under ORS 109.125$191.00
Filing action, suit, proceeding, appeal$167.00
Claim of $10,000 or less$112.00
Post-Conviction Relief: 
Petition under 138.510-138.560$.25.00
Certified copies of letters of administration, conservatorship, guardianship, & testamentary$5.00
Filing answer, motion or objection$60.00
Guardianship – initial filing fee$65.00
Request for notice$17.00
Request for summary determination under ORS 115.145(2)(a)$60.00
Small Estate – filing affidavit$65.00
Trial / hearing fee$35.00
Will – filing without petition for probate$7.00
Initial filing fees for appointment of personal representative, conservatorship, probate, or contest of will papers (based on amount of estate):
Estate not more than $10,000$65.00
Estate between $10,001 and $25,000$131.00
Estate between $$25,001 and $50,000$224.00
Estate between $$50,001 and $100,000$317.00
Estate between $$100,001 and $500,00$410.00
Estate between $$500,001 and $1,000,000$503.00
Estate over $1,000,001$596.00
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Stalking Protective Order Issued By Court:
Defendant filing response – no damages claimed$.00
Defendant filing response – damages claimed $10,000 or less$91.00
Defendant filing response – damages claimed more than $10,000$135.00
Petitioner filing action – no damages claimed$.00
Petitioner filing action – damages claimed $10,000 or less$112.00
Petitioner filing action – damages claimed more than $10,000$167.00
Filing and docketing support order under ORS 416.440$.00
Filing petition for order of support under ORS 108.110$5.00
Filing petition to enforce foreign support obligation (UIFSA)$.00
Minor filing petition for support under ORS 109.100 (see Plaintiff) 
Parent filing petition to determine custody or support of child under ORS 109.103 (see Domestic Relations)
Registering foreign support order under ORS 110.450 (UIFSA)$.00
From Justice Court to Circuit Court: 
Defendant, transfer for excessive counterclaim when claim $10,000 or less$91.00
Defendant, transfer for excessive counterclaim when claim more than $10,000$135.00
Difference in filing fee from Small claims to Circuit Court when plaintiff’s claim is $1,500 or less:
Defendant, motion requesting transfer (includes $11.00 transfer fee)$69.00
Plaintiff reply to counterclaim$70.00
Difference in filing fee from Small claims to Circuit Court when plaintiff’s claim is more than $1,500:
Defendant, motion requesting transfer when claim is $10,000 or less (includes $11.00 transfer fee)$38.00
Defendant, motion requesting transfer when claim is more than $10,000 (includes $11.00 transfer fee)$82.00
Plaintiff, reply to counterclaim when claim is $10,000 or less$31.00
Plaintiff, reply to counterclaim when claim is more than $10,000$86.00
Trial Fees:
Each full or partial day trial:  
Non-jury trial fee$70.00
6-Person jury trial$100.00
12-Person jury trial$175.00
Trust Modification Agreement/Memorandum Of Agreement: 
Filing agreement or memorandum$124.00
Filing objections under ORS 128.183$80.50