Court staff will make audio copies of non confidential recorded court proceedings upon request. Deschutes Circuit Court records proceedings digitally on compact disc (CD) media.  To listen to the audio recorded on CD, you will need a personal computer with a sound card and speakers.  In addition, a software application called FTR Player Plus needs to be installed on the computer.  This software is free and can be downloaded at WWW.FTRGOLD.COM.  The instructions to install this application are available on the FTR web page.

How Do I Make a Request for Copies?

  1. Submit an Audio Copy Request Form.  The forms may be sent in the mail, handed in at the information counter/file viewing room, or faxed to the court for an additional fee. (fees listed below)
  2. Call in your request to the court at (541) 388-5300, ext. 215.  When a request is called in a staff member will ask the questions listed on the Audio Copy Request Form.
  3. In person request, after court hearing.  Immediately following a court hearing a request may be made to a court recorder. The court recorder will fill out the Audio Copy Request Form and then direct the requesting party to Court Information to pay audio copy fees and process the request.

What Are the Fees and When Are They Due?

  • $10.00 per tape or compact disc (CD);
  • $00.25 per page for copies of the court proceeding log sheets;
  • postage costs if copies to be mailed (the court will only mail to parties outside of Deschutes County),
  • $2.00 for the first page and $1.00 for each additional page if the request is received by fax.
  • All fees must be paid in full before the copies will be made. 

When Will I Receive My Audio Request?

Normal turn around time is three (3) days, from receipt of payment. Payment, in-full amount due, must be received before the request is processed.

Where do I mail my Audio Copy Request Form?

BEND, OR 97701

Who Do I Contact If I Have Additional Questions?

Audio Copy Coordinator at (541) 388-5300, ext. 215