Deschutes County Circuit Court

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Deschutes County Circuit Court Adds Two New Judicature Positions

In an interview with a news outfit, the Deschutes County Circuit Court mentioned it has made provisions to add two new judges to its bench. Provisions are being made to accommodate the new judges at the county courthouse as the recruitment is ongoing. 

The Deschutes County Circuit Court currently has seven judges and for the first time in almost two decades, it will add new judgeship positions. The presiding judge, Judge Wells Ashby, expressed that the development will progress the justice system and speed up court proceedings. He also expressed particular concern for the issues faced in child dependency cases and how the addition of the judges will help take care of them.

Likewise, the trial court administrator, Angie Curtis, mentioned that the recruitment of more judges will facilitate the addition of an extra trial docket. The increase will help more cases have faster trials, which will further provide the public with prompt justice.

Upon the conclusion of the recruitment process, the new judges are expected to join the judiciary by winter. 

The court also reported that its courtrooms are currently being renovated to enhance accessibility facilities for individuals with disabilities. However, court trials will be conducted elsewhere till the renovation is completed and the courtrooms are available in October. 

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