Juvenile Justice System

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Deschutes County’s Juvenile Justice System

Deschutes county’s juvenile justice system operates based on the legal framework that protects underage offenders from the punishment accorded independent adults while prioritizing public safety.

Deschutes juvenile department oversees youth ages 12-17, referred by law enforcement agencies following an indictment for a criminal violation. Besides taking custody of the juvenile when appropriate, the juvenile department also determines dispositions for juvenile cases and chooses whether to proceed with informal punishment and rehabilitation instead of a formal court action.

Court action happens in serious cases, where the juvenile justice department refers the underage offender to the juvenile court based on the recommendation of local district attorneys and the juvenile court.

This system provides the opportunity for accountability and reformation for underage offenders while protecting the community.

Deschutes county operates a juvenile justice system where the community takes a restorative justice approach to:

  • Remedy the hurt done by juvenile offenders
  • Ensure public safety
  • Provide services to youth and families
  • Support victim’s needs
  • Build the relationship between residents and the communities affected by juvenile crimes

Youth detained at the Juvenile Justice Center participate in programs that aim to help them understand the impact of their actions and reflect on the behavior that eventually led them to commit the crime. By addressing these fundamental issues, youth are better equipped with the knowledge and practical life skills necessary to make healthy decisions.

The Detention Facility is located at:

Juvenile Community Justice Department

63360 Britta Street, Building One

Bend, OR 97702

Phone: (541) 388-6671

Entering the Juvenile Community Justice Program

Upon arrest for a petty crime, the law enforcement officer may release the youth to their parent or guardian. However, in more serious cases, the officer shall take the juvenile into custody and take them to a juvenile detention facility. Either way, the local law enforcement agency will investigate the crime for probable cause and forward a report to the Juvenile Department.

The Juvenile Department shall evaluate this case for the appropriate intervention, depending on the severity of the crime. In certain offenses, the Juvenile Department shall consider the recommendation of the District Attorney’s office.

The evaluation ends in a referral to the court for a formal hearing, if the case is a serious one, or a referral to a Community Justice Officer, who determines the most appropriate intervention depending on the offense severity and juvenile offense history. On the other hand, if a juvenile case goes to court, the court shall appoint an attorney for the youth, or their family may hire one.

Juvenile Records in Deschutes County

Per Oregon public records law, juvenile court records and offense history are confidential records. Thus, only authorized individuals or agencies may access these documents after the court grants a petition to access the records.

If the court grants the request to view the juvenile record, the request shall have access to the summons, petitions, motions, orders of the court, and other case documents. Authorized persons may get juvenile court records from the Deschutes County Circuit Court in person or by mail using a Request Form.

Trial Court Administrator

Attention: Juvenile Records Request

1164 NW Bond Street

Bend, OR 97701

Phone: (541) 388-5300, Ext. 2902

Email: [email protected]

History Record

These include police reports, assessments, notes, and other documents on the juvenile’s background, offense history, and behavioral evaluation. Only the youth, or the youth’s attorney, may view or get copies of these documents from the Deschutes County Juvenile Community Justice center. The requester must make a Juvenile Personal Records Request in person or contact Deevy Holcomb at (541) 322-7644.

Juvenile Records That Are Available to the Public

A select number of information available in juvenile justice records are open to the public upon request, including:

  • Youth name and date of birth
  • The basis for juvenile court’s jurisdiction
  • Date, time, and place of juvenile court proceedings
  • Alleged offense
  • Names and addresses of youth’s parents
  • Court record register (described in ORS 7.020).
  • Youth’s work or school
  • Name and age of adult complaining party and adult victim (unless sealed)
  • Investigating and arresting agency
  • Arrest information per ORS 419A.255(6).

Expunging Juvenile Records in Deschutes County

Any of the aforementioned records and documents are subject to removal from the public domain and destruction if:

  • It has been at least five years since the last offense
  • The youth has not been convicted of a felony or class A misdemeanor in that period
  • There are no pending proceedings involving the youth in the juvenile court; and
  • The youth is not a person of interest in any pending law enforcement investigations

The court shall order the expungement of all or part of the juvenile’s record if the expungement is in the youth’s best interests and serves the public’s interests. Generally, youths convicted of violent or sexual offenses are not eligible to apply for expungement. The Juvenile Community Justice center provides more information on youth expunction rights and how to apply application for expungement.

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