How to Get Driver’s License?

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Oregon residents can get their driver’s license at any Oregon Driver & Motor Vehicle Services (DMV) located in Deschutes County. The DMV is under the Oregon Department of Transportation, which regulates and guides the licensing process in the state.

If you intend to operate a vehicle on Oregon roads, it is compulsory to obtain a driver’s license. Failure to have one while operating a vehicle is an offense in Deschutes County. 

Classes of Driver’s License in Deschutes County

Before you get a license, you have to determine the class of license you need. Such may depend on the purpose of operating a vehicle. The types of driver’s license available in Oregon include:

Class B Commercial

The license is available for motorists that intend to operate a vehicle. Class B commercial license holders can haul vehicles (a trailer) weighing no more than 10,000 lbs. Motorists that haul a vehicle heavier than 10,000 lbs. must not exceed a total weight of 20,000 lbs. 

Class A Commercial

Class A commercial driver’s license allows motorists to use any type of car or different vehicles on Deschutes County roads. However, there might be some endorsements attached to the license.

Class C Commercial

Holders of a Class C commercial license have the authority to operate a single car that weighs up to 26,000lbs. The vehicle’s weight must be attributed to the following:

  • A vehicle with the capacity to hold a maximum of 16 passengers
  • A vehicle to move hazardous items.
  • A vehicle that can haul 10,000lbs. trailer. (The total weight of the trailer and the vehicle towing it must not be more than 26,000 lbs.).

Class C Restricted

This type of license only applies to individuals with a student permit, a disabled golf cart permit, or an emergency permit. 

Class C

If you have a Class C driver’s license in Deschutes County, you have the same driving privileges as the holders of a Class C commercial license, except for exclusion from commercial use or motorcycle requirements. If you own a moped or wish to operate one, you must also get a Class C license. Firefighters or paramedics that drive emergency vehicles must possess this license as well. This license also applies to persons that own a recreational vehicle or an autocycle for self-use. 

There are also some driver’s license endorsements applicable to motorists. A person with a code Y endorsement can operate or tow a farm vehicle if they possess a Class A license. However, this doesn’t apply to commercial vehicles and triple trailers. 

Excluding commercial vehicles, a code Z endorsement allows holders to operate a farm vehicle, with a Class B license. 

A code M endorsement allows riders to use any motorcycle on Deschutes County roads.

How to Get a Provisional Instructional Permit

This type of license is available to individuals under 18, particularly drivers aged 15, 16, or 17. To get this permit, you have to complete the following steps successfully:

  • Get familiar with the driving rules of the county by studying the Oregon Driver Manual.
  • Aspirants can take the practice test (although this is optional). 
  • Obtain your Real ID if necessary, by applying in person at a DMV office.  
  • Fill out the pre-application form online if this is your first collection and schedule an appointment on the DMV site. 
  • The DMV requires the consent of the parent or legal guardians of the applicants by appending their signature. 
  • Visit any DMV office in Deschutes County with the necessary documents required to process the permit.  
  • The DMV will give a knowledge test that applicants must pass.  
  • Applicants must also pass the vision test
  • The permit costs a $23 fee. Applicants that apply for a Real ID pay a total of $53. 
  • Take a picture to put on the permit card. Items that cover the face or alter appearances are prohibited from the photo. 

Persons with a provisional instructional permit must have an adult in the passenger seat, who possesses a valid driver’s license. 

Drivers that are 16 or 17 years of age and possess an instructional permit for up to 6months can go ahead and obtain a provisional driver’s license. Within that period, they must have at least 100 hours of driving experience under supervision. Alternatively, 50 hours of supervised driving experience if they passed a recommended driving course. Applicants must schedule a driving test with the DMV and successfully pass other tests to get their provisional license.

How to Get a Driver’s License if you are Over 18 (Adult)

Adults that wish to get their license in Deschutes County must know the driving regulations of Oregon State. Residents can begin by getting on the DMV online pre-application site. You will need your social security number, former license or permit, and email address to complete the application. The online application process takes between 10 to 15 minutes to complete. 

The next step is to make an appointment at a DMV office in the county. There are three DMV offices located in Deschutes County:

Bend DMV Office

63030 O. B. Riley Road

Bend, Oregon, 97701

Phone: (541) 388-6322

La Pine DMV Office

51515 Huntington Road

La Pine, Oregon, 97739

Phone: (541) 388-6322

Redmond DMV Office

1649 Southwest Odem Medo Way

Redmond, Oregon, 97756

Phone: (541) 548-0140

Visit the DMV office with the required documents and schedule a knowledge test or drive test, if necessary. The license will cost a $60 fee, and each drive test session costs $9. Applicants that pass the test must take their pictures and will get a temporary card. The DMV sends the permanent driver’s license card to the applicant’s address when ready.  

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