How to Change Your Name

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A name change is generally referred to as a legal act of a person adopting a new name apart from the birth name, marriage, divorce, or adoption. If you want a name other than the one on your birth or marriage certificate to be on your legal documents, such as your passport, driver’s license, and bank accounts, then you need a legal name change.

In Oregon, the process of changing your name is regulated by state law. To change your name in Oregon, you usually need to fill out a form called a “petition.” You may use the form to change your name and your gender at the same time. The forms are online at the Oregon Judicial Department website.

The petition must include information such as your current legal name and address, desired new name, and reason for the proposed change. If you are an adult over 18, you must also provide a background check.

The court will then issue an order and provide instructions on how to get the name changed on your driver’s license, Social Security card, bank account, and other important documents. The new name will replace your old one in all public records. However, some organizations may require additional paperwork to update their records.

Reasons for a Name Changing

There are many reasons why someone might choose to change their name. These can include marriage, divorce, adoption, gender transition, personal preference, or simply a desire to have a more unique name. An adult can change their first or last name for any reason, including simply disliking it or preferring another name.

Changing your name starts with the desire to do so and is not fully complete until it is reflected accordingly in all of your documents. Just keep in mind that you must justify a name change and the court won’t always approve your petition. Before you decide on changing your name, you must make sure all of the necessary paperwork is completed and submitted correctly.

Changing Your Name in Deschutes County

If you wish to change your name in Oregon, the process is completed at the county level. Each county has its own set of forms and procedures that must be followed to legally change your name. In Deschutes County, a Changing of Name Petition can be found on the Deschutes County website. The petition must be completed and filed with the Deschutes County Circuit Court. There is a fee associated with filing the petition form, which can be paid at the time of filing or before filing by mailing a check.

The Changing of Name Petition must be published in a local newspaper of general circulation two times, at least seven days apart. Once the petition is filed and published, the court will schedule a hearing date to review it. At the hearing, you will need to appear before the judge and provide proof of identities such as a driver’s license, passport, or other government-issued ID. The judge will review the petition and may require you to provide additional documentation or evidence.

A Changing of Name Order will be issued by the court if your petition is approved. This order is required to change your name on all official documents such as your driver’s license, passport, social security card, and bank accounts.

In addition to the petition process in Deschutes County, you may also need to update other government entities about your new name. These entities include the Social Security Administration, the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles, the United States Postal Service, and your bank or other financial institutions.

Whether you’ve changed your name on your own, by marriage, or with a court order, the most critical part of accomplishing a name change is letting others know.

Change of Name or Change of Gender on the Birth Certificate

In Oregon, name changes from one gender to another can also be requested. To do this, you must submit a Change of Gender on Birth Certificate form, in addition to the Change of Name petition. This form is available through the Oregon Department of Vital Records and Statistics website.

Once the request has been approved, you can update your driver’s license, Social Security card, bank account, and other documents with your new name or gender.

How Much Does It Cost to Legally Change Your Name?

The cost for a Change of Name petition in Oregon depends on the county you are filing in. In Deschutes County, it is $160 to file a Change of Name petition. Additional fees may be applicable when ordering additional copies of the court order or certified copies of documents with your new name on them.

Additionally, if you are requesting a Change of Gender on your Birth Certificate, there is an additional fee for that form as well. You can call the court where you’re planning on filing your request to get a detailed list of the process’s steps and costs.

It is important to research the fees associated with each step in the process prior to making any payments. If you are unable to pay these fees, you may be able to apply for a fee waiver from the court.

When a Court Might Not Grant the Name Change?

Although the Change of Name petition process is generally straightforward, there are some instances where a court may not grant your request. These include if the requested name exceeds certain length limits, if it includes offensive words or phrases, if it implies an affiliation with someone else, or if it will cause confusion with another person’s name. Additionally, a court may deny the petition if it is being used to avoid debt or other legal issues.

If your request is denied, you can submit an appeal through the Court. You must provide information regarding why you believe that the name change should be granted. Once an appeal has been filed and accepted, the court will review the Change of Name request and provide a ruling.

In a Nutshell

It is important to follow all the steps of the petition process and update all relevant government agencies to ensure that you are using your new name consistently on official documents. Following these steps will help make sure that your name change is official and legally recognized.

If you have any questions or need assistance with your Change of Name petition, you can contact the Deschutes County Circuit Court for more information. The court is available to answer any questions related to Change of Name requests in Oregon as well as assist with filing Change of Gender on Birth Certificate requests. Changing Your Name in Oregon is an important process that can help you take control of your identity and start fresh with a new name.

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