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The maintenance of public records is a common practice among U.S counties. Pursuant to the state laws, providing open records to interested individuals is mandatory except otherwise stated in these laws.

In Deschutes County, criminal records provide information about an individual’s criminal history. The sharing of criminal records in Deschutes County must adhere to the Oregon State statutes. Under Oregon Revised Statutes 181A.220, some information contained in criminal records is confidential and only available to persons authorized by the law.

Find Criminal Court Records in Deschutes County

Deschutes County Circuit Court hears criminal cases and has a Records File Room that has the duty of storing criminal case files used in case proceedings. The division also serves the public by providing them with records available for search, to obtain copies or inspect them. Generally, you can find criminal court records by putting a request at the courthouse, electronically, or by U.S mail. 

Obtaining records at the courthouse is the fastest method offered by the records custodian. The department charges a fee of $0.25 per page for hard copies, while certified copies cost $5 per document. You can visit the custodian’s office in the courthouse to make your request:

Deschutes County Circuit Court

First Floor, File Viewing Window (#4)

1100 North West Bond Street

Bend, OR 97703

Phone: (541) 388-5300

You can get copies of non-confidential criminal court records in Deschutes County by sending a written request with a self-addressed stamped envelope to the custodian’s office. The custodian requires the written request to specify the following details:

  • The full name of the parties involved in the case
  • Your name and contact information (address and a working phone number) 
  • The case number or date of the case filing
  • The specific documents you wish to obtain (also specify if it’s the entire case file you want)
  • Mode to receive the records (through electronic means or physical paper copies)
  • Specify if you need certified copies or normal copies of the information

The stamped envelope should also contain a check made payable to Oregon State. Fees may vary according to the number of copies you want and the mode of delivery. You can address the mail to:

Deschutes County Circuit Court

Attn: File Room Department

1100 North West Bond Street

Bend, OR 97703

For electronic requests of criminal court records in Deschutes County, you can make your request using the online web form. Requests can also be submitted to the department’s email address (des.copy.reques[email protected]). Each page costs a fee of $0.20.  

Find Criminal Records at Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office

As the local law enforcement agency is in Deschutes County, the Sheriff’s Office has a duty of enforcing law and order in the county area. Moreover, it also performs administrative functions like providing residents with records they are allowed access to. 

The Sheriff’s Office has a records division responsible for keeping records and providing them to authorized individuals or agencies. You can get criminal records by visiting the office location and requesting over the counter on weekdays (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.). Alternatively, you can put the request in writing or fill the Public Records Request Form with the appropriate information, including your name, email, phone number, mailing address, and specify the type of request (criminal records). 

The records division charges a fee for the request as determined in the Oregon Revised Statutes 192.324

The division provides or distributes criminal records not excluded from public access, and some non-confidential documents it provides may contain redacted details. The time frame of the division to process a record request depends on how fast they receive the request. The process usually does not exceed 21 days. 

Use this address to get to the Sheriff’s Office location or send the request via mail:

Deschutes County Sheriff

63333 West Highway 20

 Bend, OR 97703

Phone (emergency): (541) 388-6655

 Phone (Non-emergency after hours): (541) 693-6911

Deschutes County Criminal History Records Check

The Oregon State Police (OSP) Criminal Justice Information Services (CJIS) Division provides criminal history records in the state (including Deschutes County). You can get access to the following services offered by the CJIS:

  • Open Records (copy of someone’s criminal history record)
  • Your criminal history record (requires fingerprint)
  • Your criminal history record from the FBI (requires your fingerprints)
  • Public Fingerprinting Services (available only at Headquarters Office)

To request a copy of your criminal history record from the CJIS, you must fill the request form with the required details, provide your fingerprints (available at the Sheriff’s Office), and pay a fee of $33. Information requested can only be sent to and viewed by the requestor. You can mail the requirements to:

Oregon State Police – CJIS Division

Unit 11

P O Box 4395

Portland, OR 97208-4395

Copy of Own Record Unit

 Oregon State Police

 3565 Trelstad Avenue South East

 Salem OR 97317-9614

The custodian will mail the criminal history record only to the requestor within seven to ten business days. It may take longer due to mail time.

If you want to request someone else’s criminal records, you will have to complete the form and mail it inclusive with the charged fee to: 

For Billing Customers:

 Oregon State Police

 Criminal Justice Information Services Division

 Attn: Open Records

 3565 Trelstad Avenue South East

 Salem, OR 97317

For Direct Payment Customers:

 Oregon State Police

 Unit 11

 P O Box 4395

 Portland, OR 97208-4395

The agency can only provide limited information due to the Oregon records confidentiality laws, and the subject of the record shall be notified. If you want to put your request in writing, the request must contain the following details:

  • ​Full name of the individual
  • Date of Birth
  • Known mailing address (the agency cannot process requests without this)
  • ​ Social Security Number (if obtainable)
  • The name and mailing address of the requestor.
  • A fee of $33

The information available on someone else’s criminal history include:

  • Information on arrests not up to a year with no dismissal 
  • Criminal Convictions
  • Date of the apprehension
  • Offense committed
  • The law enforcement agency that carried out the arrest
  • The court that passed a judgment
  • Dispositions and parole/probation details
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