–  Paved lot north of the Courthouse

–  Paved parking lot on corner of Lafayette Avenue and Wall Street

–  Lafayette Avenue

–  Harriman Avenue

–  Kearney Avenue

Two Hour Parking

If you park in one of the 2-hour zones below, we will provide a permit to park free all day.

Justice Building parking lot (west side of building)Bond Street (both sides)Wall Street (both sides)Greenwood Avenue (both sides)

Juror Recording: 388-5329

Each evening, jurors are to call the juror recording.  The caller will be prompted to enter their assigned juror number. This will connect the juror to their specific jury instructions.

Juror Orientation

The first time you report for a trial you will attend orientation, and will remain to potentially serve on a trial.  From then on, you will report at the roll call time.  The recording will state separate times to report for orientation or roll call.  The number of jury trials varies, but you can expect to report for trial an average of once a week. Most trials last one to two days, but occasionally take longer.

Place to Report

Report to the Jury Assembly Room at 202 NW Greenwood Avenue.  Trials are held in the Justice Building, but jurors normally wait in the Jury Assembly Room until needed. If a trial is to begin in the afternoon, you may be told to report directly to the Justice Building and check in at the Court Information window on the first floor.


All persons entering the Justice Building must pass through Security, which includes walking through a metal detector.  Please leave pocket knives and pepper spray at home or in your car. Purses, briefcases, back packs, etc. will be searched by Security staff.

Jury Coordinator

·  PHONE: 388-5300, extension 219

·  Jury Coordinated is located in the Court Information office, first floor of the Justice Building.

·  Jury Assembly Room is staffed only on mornings that jurors are called for trial.

Jury Verification Form

Let the jury coordinator know if your employer requires verification of your jury service. Each day you report, we will have a verification form available for you.

Assisted Listening Device

Headsets and receivers are available for your use during trials. Please try to let us know in advance so we will have the devices ready. If, at any time during trial you are unable to hear, let the judge know by raising your hand.

Excused Absences

It is important that you call the jury coordinator during business hours if you need to be excused for future dates.  When you are told to report, on the the jury recording, we are relying on your being available for the full length of the trial.  If you are called in for a trial, and ask that day to be excused, it may be necessary to deny your request and require you to serve as a juror.