“Family Court Coordination Of Human Services” Report

April 13, 1998

Chief Justice Wallace P. Carson, Jr.
Oregon Supreme Court
1163 State Street
Salem, OR 97310

Re: Application to Establish Family Court Department – ORS 3.405

Dear Chief Justice Carson:

As you know, the 11th Judicial District has been active in issues  related to children, youth and families. Fortunately, with support from you and Mr. Linden on HB2003, our community now has the authority to integrate state and local programs into  a single plan. As I’ve indicated in the past, I believe it’s important for the courts to take a proactive role in this project and with the community. I believe the creation of a family court department, in the 11th Judicial District, fits well with local attempts to improve services to children, youth and families. Therefore, I request your approval for the creation of a family court department in the 11th Judicial District, pursuant to ORS 3.405.

If you approve this application, I plan to: 1) assign all circuit  judges to the family court department, consistent with the attached plan; 2) work with the  Deschutes County Commission on Children and Families to prepare a plan for the  coordination of service to children and families that are involved in the judicial system  as provided in ORS 3.417, and 3) develop a method to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of our efforts.

The judges of this district desire to integrate family matters before  one judge and coordinate services that affect those proceedings. We believe a family court department is in the best interest of the community and we ask for your support.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Stephen N. Tiktin
Presiding Judge

c: R. William Linden, Jr.
Ernest J. Mazorol, III